Brookings Harbor Oregon

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Upcoming Events
Come see the Memorial Day Train runnning from 1pm-4pm in the Stout Mountain Railway Garden in the heart of town inside Stout Park, Brookings. Dat... view event

06.08.16 - 06.12.2016 | PISTOL RIVER WAVE BASH
The American Windsurfing Tour is back for the fifth year in a row with another edition of the Pistol River Wave Bash. For 2016, the event runs Wednes... view event

Featured Destination
Chetco Point Park
Your first impression of Harris Beach State Park will be a locale with marvelously varied terrain. You can walk the beach and run from the waves. Climb to the top of a large rock for a great view, while resisting the temptation to add your graffiti to a small one. You will want to stroll on adjacent beaches that are crowded with sea gulls but secluded enough for a secret romantic interlude. Feel free to search the low tide for black turban snails, california mussels, sea stars and the occasional octopus, just be sure to look and not touch. [ more ]
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